Tanning Tips

TipsIndoor Tanning Lotions: Dry skin actually reflects UV light. Salon quality indoor tanning lotions are designed to help you achieve results faster, and get you darker than you ever imagined. Moist skin tans much better, and more evenly.

Moisturizing: This is the key to a long lasting tan. By moisturizing & rehydrating right after UV exposure you help your skin boost collagen production, promote skin elasticity, and help achieve the best and longest lasting tan possible. We provide a full line of salon quality products for your skin.

Outside Oils & Lotions: Please save these for outdoor use only. Not only do you not need them for indoor tanning, but they can damage our equipment. Store bought lotions containing mineral oil can also inhibit your ability to tan.

Eye Protection: This is an absolute must! Your eyelids only block 25% of UV rays. We sale a large variety of FDA compliant goggles; please wear them during every session.

Lips: Your lips cannot produce melanin which means they are not capable of tanning, but may burn. Protect your lips with a balm of at least SPF 15.

Frequency: The FDA requires a minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions.

Base Tan: A base tan is your body’s natural defense against the sun. Moderate exposure to UV helps develop a natural protective barrier in the skin.

Medications: Certain medications can make you sensitive to UV exposure. Please let your tanning consultant know if you are taking any new medicines or vitamins. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.

High/Medium/Low Pressure: Studies show that a combination of Low & Medium/High Pressure beds produce the fastest and longest lasting tans.


MYTH: "I've heard that indoor tanning is more harmful than tanning outdoors because the UV light exposure is more intense."

FACT: People tanning indoors are exposed to a scientifically calibrated amount of UV light. When used according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's exposure guidelines (posted on each machine), tanning beds are designed to maximize tanning and minimize burning. Indoor tanning is a controlled environment supervised by Smart Tan Certified Tanning Technicians. Conversely, tanning outdoors is an unregulated environment. There are many factors that have to be considered when you tan outdoors: geography, time of day, weather conditions, the seasons, and the ozone layer.

Tan Epic's Goal: "TAN....Never Burn!"


Vitamin D…..

“The Sunshine Vitamin”

Vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” because the body manufactures it Naturally after being exposed to sunshine.For more information go to:


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